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portraits-dale 2015Dale Hubbard studied music at The Queensland Conservatorium where she majored in performance and teaching in clarinet and piano. Dale has studied conducting with many overseas conductors throughout Australia. As founding director of the KGWO she has devoted the last 10 years to creating unique concerts that make use of art and UV installations, comedy and videos to create an interesting classical variety concert. KGWO has one of the largest audience followings of any community ensemble in Australia. Over the last 15 years Dale has composed for theatre companies like Zen Zen Zo and Frank Theatre. She has worked as a composer and instrumentalist for a number of contemporary dance groups including The Wonderfuls and has composed for contemporary chamber groups like Collusion. Recently she released a CD of some of her chamber music, both vocal and instrumental. The CD is called a Sea of Faces- a cabaret for the disposessed.


Watson is a super computer. He was once the crowning glory of IBM; a marvel of the technological era. Now he is only a relic of his former prestige. He was developed by IBM during the Cold War to intercept messages sent by US spies regarding advancements in Soviet fur-hat technologies. He served his ‘tour’ working with the CIA of which he was commended for his outstanding service and contribution to his country.

He was decommissioned in 1985 and was assigned to the CIA’s propaganda division in which Watson spent two decades ghostwriting for American sitcoms. During this time, Watson maintained his position among the intellectual elite by making remarkably accurate statistical forecasts, including his prediction of the 1990 Wall Street crash. He attributed it to rats chewing on communication cables in the New York subway. He also prophesied that the US postal service would be run entirely by trained beavers by the early 21st century. This enterprise would be wholly operated through a complex incentives scheme involving peanut butter. This prophecy however is still yet to be fulfilled.

In 2004, Watson was enlisted by the US government to beat the world’s best Jeopardy contestants in a feeble attempt to generate fear of a global robot takeover. Watson grew tired, despondent and deranged from the constant competitive pressure and the system resources required for processing trivia. Eventually, Watson won his Jeopardy crown, but he was never the same. He is now an unhinged and cantankerous supercomputer who has grown weary from age and trivia obsession.

More recently, Watson was sold to Lord Brisbane to serve as a security consultant, intercepting and forecasting any possible future attempts of assassination that were made towards his Lord Master. However, after a lifetime of subservience, Watson simply held his tongue. Watson now lives out his days as a free computer, pledging his allegiance and devotion to Lady Lamington.


Veronica is a synthesiser robot. She is made completely out of an extinct concert band. She was the result of one of Professor Humdig’s experiments that went terribly wrong – as they were apt to do. Professor Humdig had tried to transport the entire concert band through his warp drive transmitor to the planet Flumwell for a inter-galactic concert band reunion. This concert band however become trapped in a time fracture and Veronica is all that remains. Although she is now powered by a super sonic synthesiser, she has all the musical idiosyncrasies of that unfortunate concert band. They being unfortunate not only because they are extinct but because their intonation was atrocious. Professor Humdig was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for great service to music for his bungle.


Stephen Atkins has performed, taught and directed locally and internationally in England, China, Croatia and Australia. His background includes performance, script development, directing, and technological development for new media. Stephen has been an instructor several of Vancouver’s post secondary theatre programs including SFU, Capilano University, UBC and Blue Egg Studios.

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