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Lord Brisbane’s Imperial Orchestra is an entirely new kind of orchestra. A Gothic, steampunk, insane, highly theatrical and musically innovative orchestra. In this orchestra, there is a significant emphasis on visuals, and theatre.

We continue to seek intrepid, enthusiastic and highly competent Brisbane musicians to join us in this epic adventure.

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Inside the Hologram

The story up to now…

Join our intrepid adventurers on their trek from one time stream to another. The story develops from concert to concert.

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Alice in Wonderland. Saturday 25 November 2017.

By master’s hand your sculpted form revealed
Your every shape and curve as he designed
The product of a wild, disordered mind
Your strength and beauty both are his to wield

The lustre of your polished metal skin
The cold perfection of your crafted face
Each movement of such elegance and grace
I must forget the wheels and cogs within

Now my wild desire must be confessed,
Although I know you are just brass and steel
With strength enough to tear my limbs apart,
To hold you in my arms and there to rest
My head on your unyielding breast and feel
The gentle ticking of your clockwork heart.